Derek Gilbert
The Last Clash of the Titans

Derek Gilbert asks the question: did a snake appear to Eve in the garden, or was it a radiant, divine being called a Nachash? His stellar research also reveals that cranial deformation was a process whereby families shaped their infant’s heads into the ideal form, that of the elongated gods-beings who once walked the Earth. Countless pictograms of winged men, bird-men and fish-men were not “ancient aliens” but those of the Titans, or Watchers; entities that invaded our world to procreate their unsanctioned offspring. Gilbert warns us that these old gods are coming back in this stirring presentation from True Legends 2017 at the Mansion Theatre.

Michael Lake
The Watcher/Babylon Matrix

Michael Lake delivers a stunning presentation to the True Legends audience. Branson’s own Mansion Theatre was the location for Lake’s 2017 “Kingdom Intelligence Briefing” where he covered such topics as The Modern-day Matrix of the Watchers, walking in our Kingdom Priesthood, and what battling at higher levels of spiritual warfare truly requires. Michael will expand your Biblical paradigm by diving into Super-string Theory, the different levels of Heaven, and how humanity was meant to function in these dimensions. He also reveals the importance of ancient monoliths built along Earth’s ley lines, and the ominous implications of the coming 5G Network.

Henry Gruver
The Binding of Fallen Angels in Rome

Henry Gruver, “Prayer Walker to the World,” recalls a time of intense prayer where he was given a vision and translated to the very streets of Rome. Henry then descended underground only to see a towering pair of Fallen Angels react violently to his appearance – and the combat began! Don’t miss this incredible story, and many more, during Henry Gruver’s unforgettable True Legends 2017 presentation at the Mansion Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

Tom Horn
Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters

After investigating a 900-year-old catholic prophesy, Tom Horn predicted the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict and shocked the world. Horn then charged headlong into the Vatican’s push for Alien Disclosure and soon discovered why Rome established their astronomical presence on the top of Mount Graham: the location is an ancient Stargate, a well-known fact to the Native American tribes in that region. This stellar presentation by Tom Horn from True Legends in Branson, Missouri also includes stunning revelations concerning the occult workings of Washington DC, and the Luciferian belief that America will one day become the New Atlantis and birth the rise of the Antichrist.

Anselm Pi Rambla
The Lost Civilization of the Andes

Anselm Pi Rambla, premier explorer and the real “Most Interesting Man in the World”, reveals the secrets of the Andes in this not-to-be-missed presentation from True Legends 2017. From his gallant ship the Bohic Ruz, Anselm has sailed the world in search of archeological evidence that exposes the true narrative of forbidden history. An advanced ancient civilization known the Viracocha created one of the world’s greatest enigmas that now lies beneath the famous megalithic structure of Saqsayhuaman: a legendary tunnel called the Chincana. Anselm tells his tale of Chincana exploration and the Incan treasures hidden there, including the infamous “golden ear of corn” and what became of this amazing artifact.

Timothy Alberino
Resurgence of the Empire of the Gods

What once was, will be again. In his powerful True Legends 2017 presentation, Timothy Alberino pulls back the curtain on the Empire of the Gods, and how, from the ashes, their phoenix will rise again. The “Fall of the Watchers” and the nefarious incidents recorded in Genesis 6 ended in the Flood’s destruction, but occult societies the world over have been secretly fostering the return of the Golden Age. In Earth’s final kingdom, “Atlantis Reborn”, the gods will mingle themselves with men anew. “They shall mingle their seed with the seed of men,” (Daniel 2:43) damning those who receive this apple of false apotheosis. But the hope of all mankind springs eternal in Christ, the true hope of resurrection and everlasting life.

L.A. Marzulli
UFOs: Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional

Where are we in this great universe? Who or what is visiting us? Are UFOs here from other galaxies or part of a coming Great Deception? L.A. Marzulli captivates the audience at True Legends with tales of “alien” abductions, giant skeletons and strange elongated skulls that point to something devious playing in humanity’s genetic sandbox. Was the Miracle at Fatima a sign from God, or a dark harbinger of coming destruction? Find out in this amazing 2017 presentation from researcher and author L.A. Marzulli.

Steve Quayle
Genetic Babylon and the Shortening of Days

Were atomic energy and nuclear weapons used by civilizations past? Did flying craft called Vimanas shuttle the ancients from planet to planet including a now destroyed world known as Rahab? Steve Quayle in his epic 2017 True Legends presentation shows evidence to support just that. From the secrets of Antarctica to chemtrails, human cloning, Mars-Earth Wars, the merging of Islam and Catholicism, the DNA of giants, and Transhumanism—Steve Quayle leaves no stone unturned as he reveals the plan of evil doers and the hope we share in Christ.

Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, Tom Horn

A panel discussion with Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and Tom Horn, covering a range of topics, from the Anasazi Indians of the Desert South West in the United States, to the remains of Rephaim giants on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea.